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Snap Fitness boxing classes Dubai is a boxing fan's dream, with programs for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Boxing enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to enter the boxing studio and learn the "Sweet Science". 

Enrolling in boxing gym Dubai would help people realize their dream of becoming professional boxers. However, most of Dubai's population enrolls in boxing courses to regain or maintain fitness levels. 

Come join us today to enhance your fitness skill with Box by Snap Fitness. Here you will be trained by our team of experienced trainers led by our head coach Jakhongir who has participated in and won many accolades in various international tournaments.

Why boxing? 

Enhances cardiac health 

Boxers must be able to engage in frequent bouts of high-intensity exertion throughout training and competition. The sport is a sort of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that can force the body to regularly endure severe bursts of exertion.

High-intensity interval training has been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Helps in weight loss 

It has been demonstrated that high-intensity boxing training reduces body fat and improves total body composition more than other activities such as brisk walking.

In a 60-minute session, a person weighing 150 pounds (68 kilograms) can burn between 390 and 558 calories, or more if conditioning exercises are added. The number of calories burned varies based on effort level and other variables, such as whether you are striking a bag or fighting.

Even exergaming, which includes simulating boxing with a gaming system, burns calories well.

Increases total-body strength 

Although most people believe that punching strength comes from the shoulder, the complete body is involved in the act of throwing a punch.

A good punch requires coordination between the lower limbs and the rest of the body to produce force through the strike. Therefore, the lower extremities and core muscles play a crucial role in the punching motion. 


Improves stability 

Boxing is a physically demanding sport. It requires synchronized footwork, the development of reactive movement tactics, and muscular strength.

All of these enhance harmony traits. In fact, one study indicated that a boxing regimen improved the balance of stroke survivors.

In addition, boxing has been utilized as a treatment for Parkinson's disease, a devastating neurological disorder that impairs the body's ability to execute complex motions. The progression of the condition raises a person's chance of falling. 

Reduces stress 

A therapeutic impact results from releasing tension in a healthy manner, for as by punching a bag or focus mitt. 

Boxing training can vary in intensity during a workout; nevertheless, most boxing training and conditioning programs follow a HIIT protocol, which can reduce stress. 

The advantages of boxing training Dubai are evident. It improves cardiovascular health by burning calories and preserving muscle mass and strength. The next significant advantage of boxing training is enhanced body strength, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes. In addition, it serves as a psychological outlet for releasing aggressiveness and bad energy. It can help alleviate the stress created by the rigors of daily life over time. 

Many individuals enrolling in boxing lessons in Dubai do not intend to become professionals. Instead, they train to enhance their health and fitness. Those who wish to compete at the national and international levels typically begin their training at a young age. 


Snap Fitness boxing classes in Dubai: 

Regardless of your level of interest, you can discover the best boxing gym Dubai that meets your demands. If you are searching for boxing classes near me then look no further, Snap Fitness Gym is proud to offer one of Dubai's best boxing classes. The emphasis is on training regimens suited for professional boxers. Consequently, your endurance and motivation will be challenged. However, the skilled boxers at Snap Fitness Gym are always available to assist you.


The curriculum is divided into various components. 

  • Classes at Snap Fitness resemble high-intensity workouts. The objective is to prepare the individual both physically and emotionally.
  • Snap Fitness teaches you more conventional boxing methods. As the saying goes, without proper technique, boxing becomes brawling. Therefore, fundamental knowledge is essential.
  • We emphasize strength conditioning, weight training, and circuit training.
  • Snap Fitness teaches the complexities of boxing in brief sessions.
  • We have boxing classes for ladies in Dubai
  • Both women and children can also enroll in these classes.


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